Yates will help stop overdevelopment

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - 9:45pm

If you are troubled by some of the over-development in Newton's residential neighborhoods, you should vote for Brian Yates for Aldernan-at-Large in Ward 5. Ald. Yates has been a reliable and consistent voice for reasonable limitations on the amount and scale of development in Newton. Ald. Yates understands that residents value the character of our Garden City neighborhoods. Ald. Yates understands that our schools are overcrowded and that traffic congestion on our streets continues to get worse. Most importantly, he understands the connection between over-development and the problems and costs added density causes.

Some members of the development community want to change Newton's zoning rules to permit more building and increase the size of houses that can be built when older home are torn down. When proposals to loosen restrictions on develoment come forward, Ald. Yates opposes them if they are inconsistent with the character of our neighborhoods and Newton's comprehensive plan. Several years ago, the Aldermen considered a proposal to change the scale of permitted building (known as the FAR or Floor Area Ratio). Ald. Yates voted to lower the proposed size limit to something more reasonable and compatible with existing neighborhoods, and the lower limit was adopted. This year, when it was proposed to increase the size limits, Ald. Yates was a key voice that kept the proposal from being adopted. If you want to be sure of a voice for responsible development that preserves the character of our residential neighborhoods, you should join me in voting for Brian Yates.

--Ron Mauri
Bradford Road
Newton TAB, October 23, 2013


Brian E. Yates
Councilor At Large
Ward 5

1094 Chestnut St.
Newton, MA 02464

My campaign for re-election in 2017 is now underway. Please look through this website for information on my qualifications, viewpoints, and accomplishments.


Brian E. Yates Councilor At Large