Yates has protected Newton's appeal

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - 10:15pm

If you are new to this city and have read the letters endorsing Alderman Brian Yates over the past several weeks, you may have asked yourself: Can one man truly have done so much to benefit Newton? Is it really so important that he be reelected? The answer to both questions is "Yes!" As a Newton resident for 35 years, I can assure you that much of what makes this city so appealing is in no small measure the result of Brian's tireless work during his two-plus decades on the Board to protect green space in parks and neighborhoods, to support historical preservation, and to encourage commercial development in areas where it is most appropriate. HIs experience is invaluable, and his responsiveness to the concerns of Newton residents is exemplary. I stongly urge you to reelect Ald. Yates.

--John Koot
Winchester Street
Newton TAB, October 23, 2013


Brian E. Yates
Councilor At Large
Ward 5

1094 Chestnut St.
Newton, MA 02464

My campaign for re-election in 2017 is now underway. Please look through this website for information on my qualifications, viewpoints, and accomplishments.


Brian E. Yates Councilor At Large