• Alderman-at-Large, Ward Five, 1987-Present
    • Nearly 100% attendance at full Board meetings
  • Former Chair, Zoning and Planning Committee
  • Sponsor of nationally recognized zoning amendments to control over-development.
  • Sponsor of historic preservation measures, Landmark Ordinance, etc.

    • Restoration of East, West, and South Burying Grounds

    • Durant-Kenrick Estate

    • Brigham House

    • Newton Health Department  Building

    • Newton Corner Branch Library


  • Angino Farm

  • Crystal Lake

  • Kessler Woods

  • Dolan Pond

  • Wyman Street

  • Forte House near Dolan Pond

  • Covenant Residence

  • Worked to improve safety and transit access in southeast corner of city

  • Worked to get dilapidated and dangerous MBTA staircase replaced on Rte. 9

  • Supported renovations of Newton South High School
  • Supported renovations of Oak Hill Middle School and renovations to Day and Bigelow Middle Schools
  • Supported Elementary School renovations (Countryside, Angier, Bowen, Williams, Memorial-Spaulding, etc.)
  • Supported changes in sewer policies to prevent any sewage backup into residents' homes
  • Sponsored ordinances to require city to recruit volunteer snow shovelers and to prevent snow dumping on sidewalks by city plows
  • Worked to hold down costs of North High School and reduce its impact on the surrounding neighborhood
  • As a member of the Committee on Community Preservation, I’ve worked to preserve Newton’s Historic Buildings and Landscapes, acquire new open space, and preserve or develop community housing:

  • Member, Public Safety and Transportation Committee
  • Former Member, Public Facilities Committee
  • Former Member, Real Property Re-use Committee
    • Supported establishment of the Brigham House Community Center in the former Newton Highlands Library
    • Supported transfer of Department of Public Works Land on Rumford Avenue  to Conservation Commission
    • Supported demolition of former City Incinerator on Rumford Avenue and sale of site for an office building
    • Supported use of former Carr School as a “swing school,” while other schools were renovated, but subject to return to city jurisdiction when no longer needed.
  • Previous City Positions
    • Zoning Review Committee, 1987 – took part in total restructuring of ordinance that included establishment of minimum threshold for commercial development that would require a special permit.
  • Economic Development Commission
    • Helped to establish new Mixed Use Districts on Needham Street to begin controlling commercial over development.
  • Community Support
  • Founder and later President, Friends of Hemlock Gorge Reservation, Newton Upper Falls, 1988 to present
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Brian E. Yates
Councilor At Large
Ward 5

1094 Chestnut St.
Newton, MA 02464

My campaign for re-election in 2017 is now underway. Please look through this website for information on my qualifications, viewpoints, and accomplishments.


Brian E. Yates Councilor At Large