Charleston Principles of Historic Preservation

  •     Identify historic places, both architectural and natural, that give the community its special character and that can aid its future well-being.

  •     Adopt the preservation of historic places as a goal of planning for land use, economic development, housing for all income levels, and transportation.

  •     Create organizational, regulatory, and incentive mechanisms to facilitate preservation, and provide the leadership to make them work.

  •     Develop revitalization strategies that capitalize on the existing value of historic residential and commercial neighbor-hoods and properties, and provide well-designed    affordable housing without  displacing existing residents

  •     Ensure that policies and decisions on community growth and development respect a community's heritage and enhance overall livability.

  •     Demand excellence in design for new construction and in the stewardship of historic properties and places.

  •     Use a community's heritage to educate citizens of all ages and to build civic pride.

  •     Recognize the cultural diversity of communities and empower a diverse constituency to acknowledge, identify, and preserve America's cultural and physical resources.

The Charleston Principles are named for Charleston, South Carolina where they were explicitly stated and carefully implemented. They were subsequently adopted at a National Preservation Conference in the 1990’s.   I had them adopted as part of the City of  Newton’s Comprehensive Plan in 1995.   They were included as part of the new Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2007.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009


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