Alderman Lisle Baker: Re-elect Alderman Yates

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 - 2:45pm

I urge all Newton citizens to vote for my valued colleague, Alderman at Large Brian Yates, seeking re-election from Ward 5.

Alderman Yates deserves our votes because of his distinguished career of service to the citizens of Newton. His experience is unique on the Board of Aldermen, with the longest continuous service of any of us now on the Board.

Moreover, Alderman Yates is the former five-term Chair of the Zoning and Planning Committee on which he continues to serve. Before that, he was a member of the Zoning Review Committee and Economic Development Commission.

Alderman Yates has used that experience, as well as his acknowledged expertise in our ordinances regulation development, to help protect the fabric and historic character of our neighborhoods.

In particular, Alderman Yates recently drew on that experience to help resolve two problems.

First, Alderman Yates co-authored a legal brief as a “friends of the court” in a key case before the Massachusetts Court of Appeals. The legal brief argued that the Land Court was correct in preventing undersized vacant lots in Newton from being over-developed to the detriment of neighbors nearby. The Court of Appeals upheld the Land Court.

Second, Alderman Yates helped avoid a hardship for other citizens by working to shape a new ordinance to protect landowners who had already built upon such lots through on fault of their own before this legal error became apparent.

This responsiveness to constituent concerns has been the hallmark of Alderman Yates’s public service. It is why Newton voters should re-elect Alderman Brian Yates once again.

--Lisle Baker,
Suffolk Road,
Ward Alderman, Ward 7, and
Former President, Newton Board of Aldermen
Newton TAB, October 9, 2013


Brian E. Yates
Councilor At Large
Ward 5

1094 Chestnut St.
Newton, MA 02464

My campaign for re-election in 2017 is now underway. Please look through this website for information on my qualifications, viewpoints, and accomplishments.


Brian E. Yates Councilor At Large